台达LED 驱动器LNE产品系列具备可调式输出电压和电流。所有型号都设计有全防腐铝制外壳、通过主要国际安全认证。LNE产品系列具备达到不同级别LED 亮度的能力,通过内置调光功能达到各式应用及能源优化要求。

  • 高电涌抗扰度 (CM:6KV, DM:4KV)
  • 达到IP65/IP67标准
  • 提供室内外LED 照明电源解决方案


台达LED驱动器LNV产品系列,能承受高输入电压且具备完善的功能来适应不同的应用需求。可选择是否有可调整输出电压与电流的功能; 透过内置三合一调光功能来调整LED的亮度

  • 高输入电压 (180-528Vac)
  • 高雷击浪涌抗扰度 (CM:6KV, DM:4KV)
  • 达到 IP65/IP67标准
  • 提供室内外LED照明解决方案


Delta LNP-C series of fixed output current LED drivers comes with affordable and reliable features. Compatible with COB and mid-power LEDs from any LED manufacturer. Independent type housing design for stand-alone installations. Various output current selection for different lumen application. Meet major Europe safety certifications and are compliant with EN55015 immunity/Emissions/Harmonic requirements. The products are designed and rigorously tested to work in various indoor LED lighting conditions.

  • Constant current design
  • Independent type
  • Fixed output current
  • IP20 assembly for indoor applications
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