Delta Showcases Full Range of Industrial Power Supplies at India Exhibitions

Mar 06, 2018 | Company

India, February 2018 – Delta Electronics highlighted its industrial power supplies and showcased its best-in-class industrial automation and elevator drive solutions at three major Indian exhibitions: PlastIndia, MachAuto Expo and International Elevator and Escalator (IEE) Expo.

PlastIndia‘s theme was the empowerment and development of mankind through the unceasing efforts of the global plastic industry. Delta showcased a complete range of industrial power supplies and industrial automation solutions for smart manufacturing with the speed, precise positioning and system stability required in the plastics industry.

MachAuto Expo focused on engineering machinery, machine tools, auto parts, hand tools, CNC machines and SPMs. The event also highlighted automation technology and machinery related solutions. Delta showcased its extensive range of products for machine tool application, industrial power supplies and related automation solutions.

IEE Expo is one of the largest international elevator and escalator fairs. Delta showcased its elevator door solutions including a dedicated door drive with a PM motor that provides simplified elevator door control and ensures smooth operation. Delta also highlighted its industrial power supplies and power generative devices which can improve system power quality and collect the regenerative energy of elevators to convert into reusable electricity.

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