New Delta Standard Power Supplies Catalog and Leaflets (October 2017 Edition) are Now Available

Nov 22, 2017 | New Products

The latest edition of Delta Standard Power Supplies catalog and leaflets includes more than 15 new models as well as two completely new product series. The new CliQ III DIN Rail power supply series fulfill the requirements of high power density while maintaining competitive prices. The new PJU Open Frame power supply series provides an integrated battery charging function with an optional chassis and cover enclosure. As with previous edition, the unique Augmented Reality (AR) feature is available for selected models. You can view the products in 3D using the DeltaPSU AR app. You can zoom in or out and even rotate all angles to explore our products in greater detail. Go to the Apple App Store or Android Play Store to download.

Delta Electronics promotes sustainability by minimizing waste in printing, packaging and transporting printed materials. We encourage you to download the PDF version of the catalog from our website under Marketing Resources section. Should you like a printed copy, please contact your local Delta Electronics distributor.


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