Delta LNE series of LED drivers features adjustable output voltage and current level. All the models come in full corrosion resistance aluminum casing and major international safety certifications. LNE series offers the capability to achieve different level of LED brightness via built-in dimming function to meet various application and energy optimization needs.

  • High surge immunity (CM:6KV, DM:4KV) 
  • Complying to IP65/IP67
  • LED lighting power solution for both indoor  and outdoor application


Delta LNV series of LED driver comes with high input voltage in different combinations of features to suit different optimization needs. Options include adjustable output voltage and current; adjustable LED brightness via 3-way built-in dimming function.

  • High input voltage (180-528Vac)
  • High surge immunity (CM:6KV, DM:4KV)
  • Complying to IP65/IP67
  • LED lighting power solution for both indoor and outdoor application


Delta LNP-C series of fixed output current LED drivers comes with affordable and reliable features. Compatible with COB and mid-power LEDs from any LED manufacturer. Independent type housing design for stand-alone installations. Various output current selection for different lumen application. The products are designed and rigorously tested to work in various indoor LED lighting conditions.

  • Constant current design
  • Independent type
  • Fixed output current
  • IP20 assembly for indoor applications
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