Delta upgrades EUCI-PRO Outdoor LED driver series with DALI-2 certification

Delta Electronics is proud to announce its EUCI-PRO Outdoor LED driver series, EUCI-040105GLA, EUCI-075105GLA, EUCI-130105GLA, and EUCI-170105GLA, have been granted the DALI-2 certification by Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA). This means the EUCI-PRO series is able to work seamlessly with any other DALI-2 certified luminaires, sensor devices, and application controllers on the market. In a broader term, the certification recognizes the ability of EUCI-PRO drivers to be integrated into a smart lighting system to be a part of smart city

DALI-2 is the latest version of the international standard, IEC 62386. With a strong focus on product interoperability, it incorporates much more detailed and rigorous testing requirements than its predecessor does to ensure that products from different suppliers are able to work together. This allows luminaire manufacturers to choose EUCI-PRO series with further confidence and less testing effort.

In addition to the improved cross-vendor compatibility, DALI-2 for the first time includes application controllers and sensor devices for system integrators to build smart lighting system more easily. The EUCI-PRO series offers a 12Vdc standby power for control devices such as sensors or wide-range RF modules, which makes it ready for development of luminaires when setting up a wireless network.

“We are pleased to have upgraded our EUCI-PRO outdoor LED drivers with DALI-2 certification.” Said Tim Lee, Vice President of Delta Electronics, EMEA region. “The DALI-2 certification is key for our customers as it makes easier than ever before and enables luminaire manufacturers to create luminaires that can easily be integrated in connected lighting systems”

The EUCI-PRO series offers outstanding quality, energy efficiency, and excellent thermal management system to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity which maximizes its lifetime and minimize its maintenance costs in outdoor lighting applications such as in urban areas, pedestrian and bicycle paths, public spaces and within any street or road in the world. Outdoor lighting is not just providing optimal illumination of roadways but also becoming an imperative support on safety and quality of life.

Delta EUCI-PRO DALI-2 certified Outdoor LED drivers are published on the DiiA, also have simple configuration via NFC interface with Delta GUI application, or DALI-2 controller programmer.

    Highlights & Features

    • DALI-2 certified LED driver, 3%-100 % dimming range.
    • Robustness protection against vibration, harsh operating temperature(-40℃ to +55℃) and moisture (10~90%RH).
    • High surge immunity (Common Model:8kV & Differential Model:6kV), suitable for harsh environment.
    • Design and fix for luminaires of protection class I and protection class II.

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