DeltaPSU iPad App Launch Announcement

May 03, 2012 | Others

DeltaPSU iPad App Launch Announcement

Internet access is becoming more and more ubiquitous but there are still times when you cannot open apps because of unavailable connection. Today our free iPad for our 2011/12 catalogue makes offline access possible. So even if you are offline, you can readily browse through product specifications and details on the go. That means no more lugging around heavy catalogues. Your iPad or iPhone is now all you need.

Try out our iPad app and share it with your friends. Simply search for DeltaPSU HD to download the free application from the App Store.

DeltaPSU HD App Features

Easy access to in-depth product information. Product specifications, mechanical drawings, and safety standards are available for all models. With 360° interactive panoramas for select models.

1. Online Search Engine: Enter keywords or phrases to conduct a search.
2. Standard Products Section: Simply choose the product series, and then the model number to find the product that you are looking for.

Keeps you informed with our latest products and events.

Also get your DeltaPSU App for the iPhone on the App Store.

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